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I am Mr. Castro and I am the Middle School Counselor.  This is my first year at Ouchi-O’Donovan 6-12 Complex and I am definitely excited to be here.  I have worked with youth for many years now.  I’ve worked in schools, non-profits, residential programs, and even as a basketball coach.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful school year and my goal is to do whatever it takes to help the entire school community in any way I can.


"There are two types of people; those who fear failure so they never try, and those who fear failure so they never quit.”


Top 10 Rules for Success by Eric Thomas

1. Know what you want

2. Work on your gift

3. No excuses

4. Upgrade your values

5. You reap what you sow

6. Education is the great equalizer

7. What is your “why”?

8. Have boundaries

9. Speak from the heart

10. Succeed as bad as you want to breathe