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O'Donovan Interim 1 Celebration

O'Donovan Interim 1 Celebration
This past October all of our scholars engaged in Interim 1 CAASPP Prep Exams. We are so proud and excited for all 215 scholars that met and/or exceeded Grade Level Standards. Specifically, we had 174 top achievers in the areas of Math, 103 in the areas of English, and 80  in the areas of Science! Also, very excited to announce that we had 35 top scholars achieve this success in all 3 Content Areas!! Congratulations to all of them! 
As a way to celebrate our high achieving scholars an inclusive Dessert Bar was provided to them on Friday, Nov. 7th also received Certificates of Recognition, and will have their pictures exhibited throughout the O'Donovan school building!  Our next Interim is scheduled Dec. 2019. 
Here are some fun pictures capturing our celebration!